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So Far

Today I slept in… a lot! Something I haven’t been able to do for quite some time. At least not like this. I rolled out of bed around 3:50 p.m. and couldn’t believe it. It seems here lately after no more than 5 hours asleep I’m awake and cant do anything about it. I wonder what causes this, is it the simple stresses of life? or is it simply the stresses I place on myself. I know I throw extra struggles into all my problems to make them just that much more complex, I suppose. Complexity is never a good thing but sometimes I like to think it can make a person stronger. I dont know why as a race we do these things to ourselves. As we grow older and gain more stability it seems at the same time we cause ourselves more and more problems, whether it be financially or socially. Either way we do most of these things to ourselves. I know most of my stresses are built by me. Especially the social stresses. I have my problems but I will fix myself. I will climb away from this depression. I will be a better person. It will take time, but I will be a better me.

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